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UPDATE: The University of Craiova just finished working on our new interactive website concerning the Entrepreneurial Spirit Improving European Welfare ESPIEW-Project. Want to take a look? Click here!


Most of the EU countries are going through a period of economic and demographic changes while new EU members are facing the challenges of a transforming social economy. If Europe wants to be socially and economically successful its policy has to stir competitiveness, job creation, creativity, innovation and growth.  Entrepreneurship is one of the keys to achieve those goals. 

Whereas Europe needs social entrepreneurs, its Education rarely succeeds to stimulate entrepreneurial spirit.This ESPIEW project assumes an imporatant role stimulating the entrepreneurial potentials of young Europeans especially in the field of Social Work and Health Care.

Research clearly disclose the lack of entrepreneurial development and education related to European welfare.

This project brings together creative professors and persons active in the field of social welfare, who got a knack of entrepreneurship but cannot develop this quality in their education activity. They take the opportunity to enhance entrepreneurial spirit by elaborating together a module for training students’ skills and developing essential characteristics for succesful entrepreneurship within a European context and based on an interdisciplinary approach. Bringing them into contact with persons having the same drive, but a different nationality and cultural background.

Entrepreneurs participates actively in this project, which focusses on theoretical and practical activities coached by experienced  staff.

During the first year the project partners elaborate the course packages for the module. The second year is the period of implementation, quality control and assessment for an almost perfect final product ready for dissemination. Printed, online materials, expertise and practice in a useful module ready to be implemented in the European Higher Education.

A powerful interdisciplinary European Module training the skills of well-grounded future social entrepreneurs to improve european welfare.

This project intends to anticipate the impact on social responsible citizens from the cooperating European countries and will activate a cross-pollination between groups of participants resulting in a upstream of the entrepreneurial spirit in the sector of European welfare.


Project Partner


Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen - HOWEST (Coordination)


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